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Personalized Underwear - Online!

Welcome to My Custom Underwear, the leading and most advanced shop for creating and buying your own personalized boxers and customized panties for men and women!

We have carefully developed an advanced tool using flash web technology that give you the best experience to create your own Personalized Underwear and PJs. You can design your own Underwear in just 3 easy step:

  • First click on the image of custom boxers, custom panties or custom thongs from the images below. This will take you to our exclusive designer tool where you can also upload your own photo or corporate bridal logo.
  • Use the buttons on the undies designer tool to add text or designes and choose your colors and fonts. Design your own underwear and mens custom made briefs however you want.
  • When you're done designing, just add the item to your basket and go straight to the checkout to make your purchase and have your customized underwear delivered to your door.

We hope you love our shop and our designer tool as much as we do! If you have any questions or feedback, simply contact us and our customer service team will get back to you quickly. We take customer service very seriously which is why we have a great return policy!

We are sure you want to checkout our designer tool so why wait any more, just click on the product you want below and go directly to our design platform. Have fun designing your Personalized Underwear!

You make it, We deliver it

You create your underwear right here on our live website and get live prices and place your order any time of the year.
Once you have placed your order, our team will produce it for you and send it to your door!

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My Custom Underwear

We are not just an online store, behind our website there is a production team who makes your underwear, a customer service team and a delivery team, to make sure everything reaches you perfect and on time!

Custom Underwear

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